Remarketing follows users who have previously visited your website.

When Swoboda Marketing utilizes Remarketing, we will tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories and keywords that you wish to promote. For example, we would add a “free consultation” tag on all of the pages where your free consultation term appears. We can then create a keyword campaign to show applicable messages (such as ads displaying a free consultation) to people who have visited particular pages on your Company’s website.

Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience. Successful Remarketing helps take advantage of this low-cost medium in order to help achieve a dominating online presence for your Business. This internet marketing strategy translates to less of an investment on your part. Presenting highly relevant ads and offers to former visitors to your website ensures that your brand is never forgotten when potential customers are ready to move forward. Remarketing is an inexpensive marketing tool which can radically improve your Company’s ROI.

With Swoboda Marketing your website will produce even higher conversions by combining Remarketing with other targeting methods, such as directories, demographics, local maps, or display ad campaigns.