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Get Your WordPress Website to Work for YOU!

What is Important?

When I think of a website the first thing that comes to mind it how can the features make my life easier. Don’t we all want to generate income while sitting on the beach? Lessen our load, by eliminating overhead and the headaches of staffing? While you are at the beach you need to know that your clients are being taken care of. A website will not eliminate all the potential hazards of working remotely, but it can be a HUGE help.

There are plenty of interactive add-ons you can place on your site.  If you simply want a few actions to take place there are many options to choose from. 

Not only does having these features on your website ease your burden, it makes you look extremely high tech and cool. If you are like me, you love all the bells and whistles,  you want it to be easy to manage and affordable, but are not sure where to start. 

Most businesses need at least client scheduling and reminders, invoicing &  a method for collecting payments from customers, and contact forms. If these are on your shortlist try vCita. They provide everything your business needs online – including client management, scheduling, invoicing, email marketing and more – all for a low-cost monthly subscription.

Managing and nurturing clients that did not purchase and those that did will increase revenue. Clients that know you and how wonderful you company is can refer others or purchase again.  Having a process that runs automatically from first contact keeps your brand in front of those that know you.

A little bit of financial investment into these systems can drastically increase your revenue and free time!