IMAGE A primer on Image

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What does your profile image say about you?

I recently watched the Channel 2 career coach speak about this topic. His recommendation was NOT to put a picture of yourself on your page. I agree. In fact I have told Owners that for years. Your “look” may not be right for potential clients or employers. You have a 50/50 chance that they will not buy your product or hire you for a job based on your “look”. Alternative images are now being used. SO what do you choose as a profile picture if it is not your picture? I recently came across a similar profile picture to this one on an Owners Google+ page. Is this a good image for a profile page?

Does this topic need to be explained any further? Your IMAGE is everything. The basics of why clients will choose your company or you and why they will not. It is all about IMAGE, CULTURE and how you treat PEOPLE. Does the above image really represent you in the best light? 

Tip: Are You Respected?

Be respectful and you will earn respect… Earning respect from your colleagues & peers is as much about diplomacy and navigating the politics of the workplace as it is about effort and forethought. Your image is everything to your business success. What is your image? How are you are portraying yourself? What do your colleagues and peers really think about you? What are you recognized for?

When I say recognition I’m not talking about plaques or gift certificates or a parking space….those are just trinkets. You can have all these things and still lack respect in your business life. I’m talking about the kind of business recognition that translates directly into respect.

THINK before you open your mouth. Ask yourself if there’s going to be any side effects to your “honesty;” is it your truth or the TRUTH.

Respect is given only to those who are valued for their VALUES. How one conducts themselves daily, in front of their peers. How do you interact with employees, vendors, colleagues and peers that look to you for advice and counsel? Are Co-workers who are full of B.S. afraid of you, because they know if they try anything stupid or childish you have the ability to out- maneuver them in an argument or shed light on their antics by being professional? The best benefit of being respected at work? Your life away from the job is rarely if ever negatively impacted by your career. Because when you head home for the day, your head is clear of all the crap that being treated unfairly burdens you with. You don’t play the blame game. You can take responsibility for your actions, because you are thoughtful and you take action – you are not reactionary.

TIP: How do you conduct yourself?

There are many parts in a business environment that depend highly on a person’s confidence (i.e. sales), and if you openly question a system or initiative, no matter how right you may be, you’ll do irreparable damage to not only the team but the company. Be respectful, if you have concerns go to a supervisor – if you are a Leader then it goes without saying not to diminish the confidence of the group by speaking in a negative manner about ANYTHING. There are several motivations that govern loyalty but they can be broken down into two. 1. FEAR   2. RESPECT. What motivates your team? Which one would you rather they be motivated by? More on that in future blogs.

Be Kind and kindness will be returned… the problems of today do not reflect the same problems you will have in the future. I can’t say it enough. If you are frustrated with a co-worker or a vendor today it does not mean that you will feel the same way a day, a week, a month, or year from now. Discretion is really the better part of valor. Treat others as you would like to be treated. As my grandmother said, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

I hate to have to say this, because we are adults and these principles were taught to us as children, but there is such a thing as too much honesty. We are in the middle of the “me” generation – just because you feel it is “truth” does not mean it is. Especially in a business situation. Don’t lie, but know the when, how, and to whom you deliver your unvarnished truth.

This also goes for childish comments and “mean girl/guy” tactics. You never know what will transpire in the future – you could be on the other side of an issue sooner than you think. Chances are one day you will hit “reply” instead of “forward” or “cc all” instead of bcc and your talking smack about that someone will come back to bite you. Your email with that sarcastic comment will pop up a year down the road in the inbox of the recipient you now need to impress. Now that moment when the inner child in you took over your brain, just cost you thousands in commissions, a raise, or a job. In that brief moment before hitting that send button, get in touch with your inner child and tell him/her to take a nap.

You never know when one of the people you treated badly may be promoted above you or end up in apposition where you need their support or endorsement. If you treated them well, they’ll be happy to return the favor instead of relishing the opportunity for revenge. AND in some circumstances the revenge can be very costly.